FP7 ARCAS Concluded with excellent results

The project Aerial Robotics Cooperative Assembly Systems (ARCAS), funded by the European Commission under FP7, has concluded with excellent results achieving all its objectives. The final review was in Luxembourg last January 20-21.

ARCAS has demonstrated, for the first time, indoor and outdoor aerial robotics manipulators (helicopters and multi-rotors), with 6/7 DoF robotic arms, and recently we had the first demonstration of aerial robotic manipulation systems, with integrated perception and planning capabilities, for single and cooperative assembly tasks.


is a 3 minutes video with the summary of the demonstration in the last year of the project.
In the video

is a 3 minutes summary of the project demonstrations

In the ARCAS web site (http://www.arcas-project.eu/) you will find information including more videos and the pdf of many of the 144 publications generated in the project.

ARCAS will be presented in the Session “Step change results from FP7 projects” planned on March 21 at the at the European Robotics Forum in Ljubljana, http://www.erf2016.eu/

The results of ARCAS will be applied in AEROARMS