AEROARMS will have a strong participation in ICRA 2016. Thus we will have the following presentations:

1. Keynote talk

May 19, ThK1T3, 8:00-8:20, Room A2
Anibal Ollero (University of Seville, Spain)
Aerial robotic manipulation. Where are we going?

 2. Workshop Aerial Robotics Manipulation: from Simulation to Real-Life

May 20, Friday 13:30-18:00


May 20, 14:08
Bruno Siciliano and Vincenzo Lipiello
Hybrid Visual Servoing with Hierarchical Task Composition for Aerial Manipulation

May 20, 14:26
Alin Albu-Schaeffer
Compliant robot control for dexterous mobile manipulation: on ground, in space and on air

May 20, 14:44
Gianluca Antonelli
Control problems of floating base manipulators. The aerial and underwater cases

May 20, 15:40
Antonio Franchi
Fully actuated aerial platforms for aerial manipulation: design and control

May 20, 16:34
Alberto Sanfeliu
UAV localization and positioning for aerial manipulation using robot perception

May 20, 17:28
Anibal Ollero
Structure assembly, inspection and maintenance by means of aerial robotic manipulators

3. Aerial Robotics Tutorial

May 20, Friday 08:00-12:30, Room A3

May 20, 11:30-11:50
Anibal Ollero
Aerial Manipulation

4. Regular Sessions

May 17, 13:48-13:51
Vincenzo Lippiello, Jonathan Cacace, Angel Santamaria-Navarro, Juan Andrade-Cetto, Miguel Angel Trujillo, Yamnia Rodriguez Esteves, Antidio Viguria
Hybrid Visual Servoing with Hierarchical Task Composition for Aerial Manipulation

May 17, 13:51-13:54
Giuseppe Muscio, Francesco Pierri, Miguel Angel Trujillo, Elisabetta Cataldi, Gerardo Giglio, Gianluca Antonelli, Fabrizio Caccavale, Antidio Viguria, Stefano Chiaverini, Anibal Ollero
Experiments on Coordinated Motion of Aerial Robotic Manipulators

May 18, 13:16-13:19
Marco Tognon, Sanket Suman Dash, Antonio Franchi
Observer-Based Control of Position and Tension for an Aerial Robot Tethered to a Moving Platform

May 18, 13:25-13:28
Sara Spedicato, Antonio Franchi, Giuseppe Notarstefano
From Tracking to Robust Maneuver Regulation: An Easy-To-Design Approach for VTOL Aerial Robots