Aeroarms passed the first period review

AEROARMS has passed successfully the review of the first period (18 months), February 8 and 9 at LAAS-CNRS in Toulouse (France). The review included presentations of the work performed in all the Work-packages and demonstrations.

The demonstrations included very innovative systems developed by the partners.

Several CNRS platforms, including hexa-rotors with tilted axis that are able to move in any direction and land on inclined pipes, the CNRS fly-crane with three multirotor systems for transportation, the first aerial robotic manipulator with two arms and fully autonomous visual grasping, the robot of GE inspection robotics and the SENSIMA Eddy current sensors were demonstrated.

A demonstration of the CNRS platform with the SENSIMA sensor taking measurement of a pipe was also performed.

Moreover, FADA-CATEC exhibited by the first time the  aerial manipulator with tilted rotors and arm to maintain  contact that will be applied in industrial inspection