AEROARMS public demonstrations

AEROARMS performed several demonstrations in Toulouse February  6-7, 2017.

CNRS demonstrated in the indoor testbed the tilted 6- rotor platform performing contact inspection, tethered landing and take-off on a pipe, fault tolerant control of tilted rotor and  flycrane for transportation.

The University of Seville performed dual arm autonomous visual guided grasping with a compliant dual arm aerial manipulator.

GE Inspection Robotics demonstrated the mobile robot moving with magnets in a vertical pipe.

SENSIMA demonstrated the new Eddy sensor systems developed in AEROARMS.

The demonstrations February 6 were attended by the French and Spanish Media including several TVs and radio channels.

The demonstration February 7 were included in the First Aeroarm Review Meeting. In this Review Meeting, the new FADA-CATEC aerial manipulator with tilted rotors and arm to maintain  contact in the inspection was exhibited by the first time.