Aerial Robotics 2017

Anibal Ollero (from University of Seville) was present in International Symposium on Aerial Robotics, last June 19-20, 2017 in Philadelphia, PA, USA giving presence to Aeroarms team. 

A session program was given by AEROARMS:

Tuesday June 20, 08:30-09:00am
Anibal Ollero (Univ. of Seville)
Advances in aerial robotic manipulation for applications in inspection and maintenance.

Aeroarms team continue nurturing and improve its knowledge and connexions.


Here the abstract of presentation:

Abstract: This presentation will deal with new methods and technologies developed mainly in the H2020 AEROARMS project on aerial robotics with multiple arms and advanced manipulation capabilities for inspection and maintenance. Particularly, new aerial robots for compliant manipulation with two arms while flying will be presented. The talk will also include perception, including localization and visual servoing without markers, as well as local planning systems to generate safe reactions in constrained environments near the objects being manipulated. Finally, the application cases of the project will be introduced.