AEROARMS innovations has been exposed at ERF 2019
Source: gallery of European Robotics Forum 2019

On the past March 21st the workshop “Aerial robotics technologies and application with the new european UAS regulation” was held at the European Robotics Forum in Bucharest, Romania. Anibal Ollero exposed the AEROARMS results in a presentation entitled “Aerial robotic manipulation new technologies and contact inspection applications”. This workshop was fully crowded of people interested in the project’s trajectory.

In the past year the AEROARMS experiments and innovations obtained the approval of the European Commision in its technical demonstration in Seville (Spain). This year the project will finish with a technical demonstration of industrial integration results, which will bring very important advances in the aerial robotics future.

The European Robotics Forum has become in one of the most important events in robotics, a large amount of companies, universities and research institutes across Europe come to show their projects in showcases, workshops and expositions. This event is organized by euRobotics, a non-profit organization based in Brussels (Belgium) and focused on make robotics benefitial for Europe’s sociuety and economy .