Rei Jaume I awards ceremony

Anibal Ollero has won the 31st King Jaume I Award in New Technologies. These awards are very prestigious counting with 19 Nobel prizes in the Jury and are endowed with 100.000 euros.

The jury awarded the leadership of Anibal Ollero  in aerial robotics and his priceless capability to combine excellent research and technology innovation with the technology transfer to companies.  The jury highlighted the “Invaluable ability to combine excellence in research and technological innovation with the transfer of technology to companies in the field of aerial robotics””.

Ollero is the coordinator of H2020 AEROARMS. He also works as head of GRVC (Robotics, Vision and Control Group) and as scientific asessor of FADA-CATEC. Thanks to his work AEROARMS has become in one of the most innovative projects in the aerial robotics field due to the savings in millions of euros in the industrial inspection and maintenance. Also, thanks to the AEROARMS drones the life risks derived from works at heights will be drastically reduced.

Next november 25th, in a Ceremony chaired by His Majesty King Felipe VI, at “Lonja de los Mercaderes” in Valencia, it will take place the “Rei Jaume I” awards ceremony, where Prof. Aníbal Ollero Baturone will receive the “New  technologies” award. Aníbal is the head of the GRVC Robotics Laboratory at the University of Seville, scientific advisor at the Centre for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (CATEC), IEEE Fellow and the Principal Investigator of the GRIFFIN ERC Advanced Grant. The Jury of the awards had 20 Nobel Laureates among their members.

The Jury of the “New technologies” award highlights “the invaluable capability of Prof. Aníbal Ollero to combine excellence in research and technology innovation, with technology transfer to the companies in the Aerial Robotics area”.

The video produced by the “Rei Jaume I” foundation can be found at with a summary at

The program of activities related to the awards ceremony will take place from 22nd till 26th november.