Dissemination of AEROARMS in IROS 2019

This year the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robotic Systems (IROS) has been held in Macau (China) between November 4th and
some papers with advances discovered inside the AEROARMS project were disseminated . The GRVC – USE head Aníbal Ollero and the member Julio L. Paneque presented these papers produced inside the project:

  • J. L. Paneque, J. R. Martínez-De Dios, A. Ollero: “Multi-Sensor 6 DoF Localization for Aerial Robots in Complex GNSS-Denied Environments”.
  • A. Ollero, G. Heredia, A. Franchi, G. Antonelli, K. Kondak, A. Sanfeliu, A. Viguria, J. R. Martínez-De Dios, F. Pierri, J. Cortés, A. Santamaría-Navarro, M. A. Trujillo Soto, R. Balachandran, J. Andrade – Cetto, A. Rodríguez Castaño. “Aerial Robots with Advanced Manipulation Capabilities for Inspection and Maintenance: The AEROARMS Project”.
  • S. Hamaza, I. Georgilas, M. J. Fernández, P. J. Sánchez Cuevas, T. Richardson, G. Heredia, A. Ollero. “Sensor installation and Retrieval Operations Using an Unmanned Aerial Manipulator”.

This year the AEROARMS project finished with a technical demonstration in Germany. During the 5 years of AEROARMS duration the project has appeared 121 times in media, won prizes such as the Innovation Radar Prize from Euronews and has been disseminated in 163 publications and several scientific conferences, industrial fairs, educational talks and bachelor, master and Phd thesis. Lastly, AEROARMS leads the research in aerial rotobotics for industrial inspection and maintenance