Third period summary

Recently the participants of AEROARMS project performed the last technical demonstration in a german refinery. The advances that took place during the last period of AEROARMS are shown in the video below:

AEROARMS project summary

The H2020 AEROARMS project started in October 2015 and since then has produced a huge amount of publicationes, experiments with aerial robotics and appearances in the media. This video shows the whole trajectory of the project sin it started until its end in July 2019 with a last technical demonstration in Germany.

Interview to Anibal Ollero in a spanish tv programme

This Tuesday June 18th the AEROARMS coordinator Anibal Ollero talked with the spanish tv programme crew La Tarde en 24h, which is daily broadcasted in the 24 Hours Channel.

Ollero talked in this tv programme about the drones features, the efficiency and how the aerial robots can improve the inspection and maintenance tasks as well as save lives in this case.

AEROARMS appears in Real Economy (Euronews)

The tv series from Euronews Real Economy has included the AEROARMS innovations as a tool to boost the investment through its artificial intelligence and aerial robotics skills. AEROARMS is currently in its third and last period, and has showed how drones can help us in our labour life.

A video of AEROX ranks 1st in the 2019 Engineering Drone Video of the Year Contest

On Sunday March 31st the 2019 Engineering Drone Video of the Year Contest organized by AUVSI finished its voting time in the social networks. The result was that the AEROX video of FADA-CATEC ranked 1st with 2380 votes. The winner will be announced in June during the fair at Chicago. This is the video:


AEROARMS in the spanish tv channel Canal Sur

In December 4th the project AEROARMS was disseminated inside the tv programme “En red”, broadcasted in spanish tv channel Canal Sur.

Interview to Aníbal Ollero at Cadena SER (Spain)

After the AEROARMS project was approved by the European Comission, its coordinator Aníbal Ollero came near to the spanish radio broadcast Cadena SER to talk about the project result and the possible consequences of its implementation.

AEROARMS review on spanish tv

At the first and second day of the AEROARMS project’s review some journalist from the spanish media came near to the facilities where the experiments were executed. This is the summary:

AEROARMS in the French TV

Aeroarms has been disseminated in several French TV  channels. A video report with interviews and video segments of demonstrations,  performed  last February 7 at LAAS-CNRS in Toulouse, has been broadcasted

Dual Arm Aerial Manipulator

Octo-rotor UAV equipped with two 5-DOF, lightweight and human size robotic arms specifically designed for aerial manipulation. Preliminary flight test have been conducted in outdoors for evaluating the influence of arms motion over the stability of the aerial platform.


Lightweight Compliant Arm with Compliant Finger Module

Low weight robotic arm with compliant joints designed for aerial manipulation with multi-rotor UAV. Identification, contact force control and soft collision detection and reaction experiments are conducted in fixed base test-bench.


Aerial Robots with Rigid/Elastic-joint Arms: Controllability Preliminary Experiments

Paper: Yüksel B, Staub N, Franchi A. Aerial Robots with Rigid/Elastic-joint Arms: Single-joint Controllability Study and Preliminary Experiments. In 2016 IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and System. Daejeon, South Korea; 2016.

Takeoff and Landing on Slopes via Inclined Hovering with a Tethered Aerial Robot

Paper: Tognon M, Testa A, Rossi E, Franchi A. Takeoff and Landing on Slopes via Inclined Hovering with a Tethered Aerial Robot. In 2016 IEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems. Daejeon, South Korea; 2016.