Elektra UAS

Short description of the organization

Elektra UAS GmbH is a German SME working in the field of manned and unmanned aerial systems. The main activities of the company are focused on the development and commercial use of aerial platforms with integrated automation and robotics technologies. The company offers optional piloted and unmanned aerial vehicles as well as ready-to-use aerial systems prepared for particular applications. Having expertise in aircraft design, avionics, electronics, robotics and development of safety critical software, the company offers support in the preparation of aerial platforms for customer-defined applications, integration of the payloads as well as in the development of mission software. The company provides services in operation of the aerial systems for scientific projects and commercial missions. The company works with fixed and rotary wing aircrafts in the range of 10 to 480 kg. The company has extensive experience in certification of the aircrafts.

Role in the project and main tasks

Elektra UAS will be responsible for the integration of the outdoor
platform (T7.4). It will also supervise the development of reliable software in the project and will participate in the development of the software framework for integration of the system components with error monitoring and recovery capabilities (T2.3). The company will contribute to the development of a redundant autopilot system for outdoor platforms (T7.2). Using its experience in testing and operation of the aircrafts, the company will work on operational aspects for validation experiments (T8.3). Elektra UAS will lead the tasks T2.3, T7.4 and T8.3.

Relevant previous experience

Elektra UAS has a reach experience in development of safety critical
software as well as in development and testing of safety critical systems. The members of the company were leaders or participants in many dozens of projects in the aerospace and robotics fields. The most relevant for the current project are:

  • HALO High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft
  • ROTEX Robot Technology Experiment on Spacelab D2-Mission
  • Development of an UAS ground control station
  • Development of an autopilot system for an autonomous helicopter
  • Redundant propulsion system for electrical aircrafts

Project publications